Sri Lanka Navy Hydrographic Service was vested with legal powers to conduct hydrographic activities

The president democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka having considered necessity in the national interest, ordered the members of the Sri Lanka Navy who are specialized in the field of hydrography and nautical cartography to perform such activities as non-naval duties through the extraordinary gazette no. 2314/79 on 13th January 2023. Empowering Navy to undertake hydrographic services in national level after 40 years, considered as an achievement as well as responsibility for the Sri Lanka Navy.

This proposal has been initiated in 2016 and this remarkable achievement could be obtained within short span of time based on the keen dedication and commitment of the crew of Sri Lanka Navy Hydrographic Service under the guidance of the chief hydrographer to the Sri Lanka Navy and the joint chief hydrographer to the government of Sri Lanka as per the instructions of the present commander of the navy.

The Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka