Conducted field practical training programme for KDU Southern Campus Surveying Science Undergraduates - from 08th May to 13th May 2023

Hydrography is well fitted to experiential learning in that the subject matter is highly practical. For understanding of practical ground, Sri Lanka Navy Hydrographic service conducted field practical training programme for Intake 37 surveying sciences students. During the training programme all student underwent through hydrographic survey planning, hydrographic data collection, hydrographic data processing and fundamental of chart production.

This field practical session was conducted in the area of Dickowita fishery harbour, and Bathymetry data, coast lining data, data, tidal data and other required data were collected by students with the supervision of professional instructors. Further, each student was given hands-on experiences handling of hydrographic instruments such as Single Beam Echo Sounder (SBES), GPS, Total Station, Digital Level, Sound Velocity Profiler etc., moreover, data processing and visualization was conducted by using HYPACK and CARIS HIPS and SIPS software tools.

During the programme, Intake 37 and 38 undergraduates of the Department of Spatial sciences of KDU had the privilege to visit on board of ‘R/V Sammudrika’, the one and only Research Vessel owned by the government of Sri Lanka. On completion of their module, students got the opportunity to interact with the Chief Hydrographer of the Navy.