While SLNHS continue to deliver its products and services to its customers, it envisages to expand its horizons and to be the forefront organization for Hydrography in Sri Lanka within the next couple of years. In this process it will :

  • > Produce Sri Lankan ENCs and INT paper charts.
  • > Produce new coastal charts of 1:150,000 scale.
  • > Strengthen bilateral and multilateral relationships with international Hydrographic community.
  • > Establish Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) for Sri Lanka.
  • > Develop necessary Infrastructure for dissemination of Marine Safety Information.
  • > Continue to monitor tides for re-establishment of Mean Sea Level (MSL) around Sri Lanka.

SLNHS having fully committed to deliver quality products and services to its clients, expects to prosper in the industry adding more value to national economy in the long run.