Navy’s Chief Hydrographer and Joint Chief Hydrographer to the GoSL assumes duties

Rear Admiral YN Jayarathne assumed duties as the Chief Hydrographer of the Sri Lanka Navy Hydrographic Service (SLNHS) as well as the Joint Chief Hydrographer to the Government of Sri Lanka, during a ceremony held at the National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency on 28th August 2020.

Among its wide-ranging services rendered, the Sri Lanka Navy Hydrographic Service (SLNHS) delivers services to Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Coast Guard and other defence organizations enabling them to undertake their operational tasks. It also takes necessary steps to meet obligations under International Hydrographic Organization, International Maritime Organization and several other International Conventions to ensure the safety at sea, assuring safe passage for the vessels in Sri Lanka’s waters. Apart from that, it plays a key role in providing assistance to stakeholder Governmental institutions to meet national demands such as Delineation of Outer Continental Margin of Sri Lanka in the presence of National Interests.

Accordingly, the newly appointed Chief Hydrographer will continue to steer SLNHS to achieve its goals and objectives, taking them up as a matter of national importance.