Joint Chief Hydrographer to the Government of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Chief Hydrographer to the Sri Lanka Navy RAdm KASPK Kariyapperuma attended the 21st NIOHC in Bali, Indonesia

Joint chief Hydrographer to the government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Chief Hydrographer to the Sri Lanka Navy Rear Admiral Prasad Kariyapperuma attended the 21st North Indian Ocean Hydrography Commission (NIOHC) meeting organized by the National Hydrographic Office of Indonesia at Bali, Indonesia from 22nd to 25th August 2022.

Director International Hydrographic Organization, Mr. Abri Kampfer and the Chief Hydrographer of the Indonesian Navy, Vice Admiral Nurhidayat the current chairman of NIOHC commenced the preceding of the event. The conference was attended by most of the Chief Hydrographers of the North Indian Ocean region countries and Associate Members and Observer countries such as India, Australia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Mauritius, Seychelles, United State of America, France and Oman and other stakeholders. The main focus of the meeting was to create a forum for Chief hydrographers of the North Indian Ocean region to discuss matters related to Hydrographic activities in the region.

This platform has made way for many successful efforts to enhance cooperation and capacity building within Hydrography, Digital Bathymetry, Crowd Sourced Bathymetry, Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure, Satellite Derived Bathymetry and Marine Safety Information within the region.

During the meeting, the Chief Hydrographer of the Sri Lanka Navy highlighted that Sri Lanka, being a coastal state, the importance of enhancing hydrography related activities through joining hands with capable members in the region.

One of the important factors in the conference was that, Chief Hydrographer of the Sri Lanka Navy, Rear Admiral Prasad Kariyapperuma was successful in obtaining the fullest support for enhancing the capacity building of Hydrography and Hydrographers of Sri Lankan through bilateral discussions with several key personnel.

Taking part in meetings of this calibre, attended by Chief Hydrographers from regional and extra-regional states will produce many opportunities for deciding the way forward of hydrography in Sri Lanka, by enhancing mutual cooperation and international relations.