Bathymetric Survey in order to Implement Proposed Dock Wall Extension Project of Boat Hoisting Yard & Construction of New Pier at SLNS Thammanna

Sri Lanka Navy Hydrographic Service (SLNHS) has conducted a bathymetric survey as per the request of the Commander North Central Naval Area in order to implement proposed dock wall extension project of boat hoisting yard and construction of new pier at SLNS Thammanna from 20th August 2022 to 01st September 2022.

During the course of survey tidal observations, coast lining, sounding operation, conspicuous object fixing, levelling, sea bed sample collection and beach gradient survey has been taken place in the area of Thaleimannar pier and proposed dock wall construction area in order to produce the desired deliverables to the end user. Further it is planned to produce an Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) for the same area in near future.